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If your child is too fearful of dental work or needs a complex procedure, Leticia Gutierrez Jeffords, DDS, MS, offers hospital dentistry services, sometimes incorporating general anesthesia, at Your Child's Dentist in San Antonio. Dr. Gutierrez Jeffords offers comprehensive and safe dental services under general anesthesia to keep children comfortable and relaxed during wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, or cavity repairs. Find out more about hospital dentistry by calling Your Child's Dentist or using the online booking feature.

Hospital Dentistry Q & A

What is hospital dentistry?

For children who have a lot of cavities or need complex dental work, hospital dentistry may be the most effective way to get the repairs done in just one visit. Hospital dentistry services allow Dr. Gutierrez Jeffords the option to use general anesthesia in certain dental procedures, including:

  • Extractions
  • Root canal
  • Cavity repair
  • Dental implants

General anesthesia safely puts your child into a deep sleep. They are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure and may have limited memory of the visit after treatment is complete.

Who needs hospital dentistry?

Dr. Gutierrez Jeffords may recommend hospital dental services if your child is too fearful to undergo procedures in the dental office. She may also suggest general anesthesia sedation if the required dental work is complex and will take a long time to complete.

General anesthesia dentistry is ideal for children with behavioral issues or underlying medical issues that make it difficult for them to sit still in the dentist chair. If your child needs an extraction or a root canal, general anesthesia can ensure they are pain-free and completely relaxed during treatment.

How do I prepare my child for hospital dentistry services?

If your child needs general anesthesia for their dental work, Dr. Gutierrez Jeffords first reviews their medical history to ensure this type of sedation will be safe and effective in meeting your child’s needs. She may also request routine blood testing to evaluate their current health.

Dr. Gutierrez Jeffords provides you with instructions to properly prepare your child for the anesthesia and treatment, including how long they should avoid food and drink before the procedure.

What can I expect after my child undergoes sedation dentistry?

After the dental work is complete, your child is kept under observation while they recover from the general anesthesia for a period of time before they can go home. The dental team monitors your child’s vitals as they wake up from sedation.

When Dr. Gutierrez Jeffords discharges your child, you should keep an eye on them for several hours to be sure they have no complications. Your child may feel tired for several hours after surgery. You should encourage them to drink plenty of fluids and eat light meals or snacks if they can tolerate them after the dental work.

Learn more about available hospital dentistry services by calling the San Antonio office or booking a consultation online.