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To enhance the natural beauty of your child’s smile, professional in-office teeth whitening services are available at Your Child's Dentist in San Antonio. Leticia Gutierrez Jeffords, DDS, MS, is experienced in performing whitening services safely and effectively for teens and young adults. Find out more about the benefits of in-office teeth whitening by calling the office or using the convenient online booking feature.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is an in-office service that can improve the appearance of stained or discolored teeth, giving your child a whiter, brighter smile. Unlike at-home teeth whitening products, Dr. Gutierrez offers a safer, more effective method for whitening teeth without damaging the enamel or your child’s oral health.

Many teeth whitening products, including toothpaste and whitening strips, are too abrasive for children. Dr. Gutierrez uses professional products to protect gum and tooth health and creates a custom treatment plan to address your child’s specific dental needs.

When is it safe to whiten my child’s teeth?

To ensure teeth whitening is safe for your child, Dr. Gutierrez recommends waiting at least two years after all of their permanent teeth have come in. This time period gives the enamel of the teeth time to harden properly.

Dr. Gutierrez can evaluate your child’s dental health and the reasons for needing the whitening treatment to determine where the treatment is safe and will be effective.

How does in-office teeth whitening work?

Before your whitening service, Dr. Gutierrez cleans away surface debris on the teeth. She also evaluates the teeth to check for any issues that may interfere with whitening, such as a cavity or gum disease.

To protect your gum health, Dr. Gutierrez applies a protective shield over your gums before applying the professional whitening solution to your teeth. She uses a device to keep the lips away from the teeth and covers each tooth with the solution, which needs to set for up to 30 minutes.

Following treatment, you can rinse off the solution. Dr. Gutierrez evaluates the success of the procedure and evaluates any areas of irritation.

What are the benefits of in-office teeth whitening?

Professional whitening services ensure bleaching agents won’t damage your child’s teeth or gums. Dr. Gutierrez monitors the process to ensure that there are no allergic reactions and no other issues arise during treatment.

Another benefit of in-office whitening is that Dr. Gutierrez can often achieve more dramatic results than at-home products can. She can often get teeth two to three shades whiter in just one treatment. In-office whitening also offers longer-lasting results.

Learn more about the teeth whitening services available at Your Child's Dentist by calling or using the online booking feature.